About Us

Advanced Medical Weight Loss & Wellness Centers have been helping people successfully lose excess pounds and inches for more than 14 years!

Our services and our successful programs include:
  • Tens of Thousands of successful patients
  • Extremely dedicated staff performance hosting a variety of professional services to see that you reach your goals safely
  • Several options of medically supervised weight loss programs designed to fit your individual lifestyle
  • Lab work required
  • Board Certified Physician to evaluate and assess your medical condition
  • Nutritionist and Staff Counselors monitoring you every step of the way, to achieve your weight loss goal sensibly
  • The best weight loss and nutrition products available in-house to help you lose pounds and inches effectively
  • One-On-One support by our Nutritionist or Staff Counselors
  • Once a week Weigh-Ins, regular body composition analyses, monitoring of vital signs and general health, and behavioral guidance support
  • Pre-Diet Evaluation, in order to select the program most suited for your needs and lifestyle. Includes medical questionnaire, weight loss history, goal sheet to let you know current weight, body fat and what your final goal is
  • Blood Work and a physical exam by our Licensed Physician to ensuring you of a safe weight loss program
  • Outstanding record with the Nevada State Medical and Pharmacy Boards

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