I am very proud of the reputation our company has built over the last 14 years. Besides helping tens of thousands of unhealthy patients reach their weight loss goals and maintain their desired weight, they become more self-confident and live longer and more productive lives. Advanced Medical Weight Loss and Wellness Center has been on the Better Business Bureau Honor Roll in Las Vegas for the last 14 years, which means we have no registered complaints in all of those years. That accomplishment can be attributed to less than .05 percent of the businesses in Nevada.

     Our company is physician supervised and we have nutritionists on staff. Our combined knowledge in Bariatric medicine represents 60 years of experience. We have a dispensing site pharmacy on premises and besides our numerous weight loss medications, we also carry Viagra and Propecia. Our weight loss program is simple, realistic and affordable. Just click on many of our success stories. Our website will be updated regularly and we will be offering, in the near future, weight loss products, protein supplements and HCA Biocitin, a natural weight loss medication online. By Nevada law all pharmaceutical medications require you to be an existing patient and be seen by our physicians to receive them.

     Nevadans have lost millions of pounds at Advanced Medical Weight Loss and Wellness Center and people ask me all the time what separates us from all the other weight loss centers that have come and gone in Las Vegas. I tell them, its our staff and our combined belief thats our patients health and safety is our #1 priority, and since our patients come into the office on a weekly basis we can uphold that. Also our customer service is very important to us. I am very proud that our average wait time at our office for any appointment is less than 10 minutes. Remember that number the next time you are in any medical office where the average wait time is 45 minutes.

     Please feel free to call our office: (702) 733-9797 or email us at advmed@aol.com if you have any questions or concerns.

Sherman Baker

Advanced Medical Weight Loss & Wellness Center
3300 E. Flamingo Suite 11
Las Vegas, NV 89121

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