One-On-One Counselors
     Our one-on-one counselors will give you support, professional advice, and will assist
     in monitoring your progress. They will be your “coach” in keeping you focused in order
     to reach your goal weight.

Evaluating Your Body Composition
     With each visit, we will measure your body's ratio of fat to muscle. This will not only show      your progress, but will indicate to us to that you’re loosing fat and not muscle. From there,      your diet can be adjusted accordingly to achieve the best weight loss results possible.

Behavior Adjustment
     We help you to develop better eating habits with different ways of thinking about food in      order to break old eating patterns that may have contributed to your weight “challenges”.

Meal Plans with Flexibility
     Our flexible meal plans include delicious easy-to-make and ready-to-eat meals that will make      you reach your goal weight almost effortlessly.

Medical Consultations
     Our licensed physicians oversee our medically supervised weight loss programs. They are      also available for consultation about your personal weight loss program.

Weight Maintenance Plan
     We help keep you on track once you’ve reached your goal weight! You’ll receive one free      year to come back for any support you’ll need to maintain your weight. We’ll gradually      increase your calories in order for you to maintain your proper weight. Our counselors will      provide you with maintenance tips so that you can keep those extra pounds off!

Walking Burns Calories
     It is a known fact, that walking speeds up your metabolism. Therefore, the higher your      metabolism, the more you "burn" calories… the faster you lose pounds and inches. A      motivating example is by taking a 45-minute walk, a 150-pound person can burn an average      of 240 calories.

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